Arduino Tank Robot Project using the Devastator metal chassis

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Welcome to another Arduino Robot Project video! In this video, we are going to build an Arduino Tank Robot; an enormous autonomous tank and we are going to try it on the field! Let's get started! 

It can detect the obstacles using the ultrasonic sensor. When it detects an obstacle, it stops, it looks right and then left, and it turns to the direction with the most space available. If the obstacle is small in size, it has no problem to overcome it. Let's now move outside and see how it performs on the ground. 

After a lot of search, I decided to use the DFRobot Devastator tank platform as the chassis of the robot. The Devastator platform is designed by DFRobot, and it is made from a high strength aluminum alloy which makes it robust and durable. The kit also uses metal gear motors which are more durable than the plastic ones. 

DFRobot has also developed some very interesting Arduino compatible boards. I decided to try the Romeo board which is an Arduino Uno with an embedded motor shield. In other words, we can drive the powerful motors of the robot kit directly from this board. So this board makes thing much easier. The board costs around 30$. 

We are also going to need the following parts to complete our robot: 

• An SG90 servo 

• An Ultrasonic distance sensor 

• Some wires 




Devastator Kit: 

Romeo Board: 

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