Classic Applications Review of DFRobot Community

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Time is flying, the 10th DFROBOT anniversary coming around. Thank you for your supports during these years, we will keep our mission to Empower Creation as always and keep improving. During this special moment, we have arranged the top 10 applications related to DFRobot from YouTube, Hackster, Instructables and community. Hoping you can enjoy it!

1. Treadmill Powered Gaming PC – the Most Otaku

Creator: Basically Homeless 

Main Control: LattePanda 

I built a contraption that plays video games at 60fps and is powered completely by a treadmill.

2. Maqueen Runs the Egg – the Most Adventurous

Creator: Delta Hack

Main Control: micro: bit

Fried eggs with a programming trolley! Would it be tastier than before? We can play it in the restaurant.

3. LattePanda Alpha: Windows & Linux SBC – the Most Authoritative Evaluation

Creator: Explaining Computers

Main Control: LattePanda

LattePanda Alpha Windows and Linux SBC review and demo, including full specification, installation of a WD Black NVME M.2 SSD, and other performance tests. Also details of the LattePanda Delta.

4. How to Make DIY Arduino Traffic Sign Recognition Robot? – the Best Light Effect

Creator: DIY Builder

Main Control: Arduino UNO

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make an Arduino traffic sign recognition Robot. So, let’s get started :)

5. The DIY Windows 10 Gaming Tablet – the Most Hardcore

Creator: Project-SBC

Main Control: LattePanda

In this video, I show off my latest project, the windows 10 LattePanda alpha gaming tablet. I had built one previously before that I was not up to my standards so I'm back with my latest attempt. The latest version has a built-in speaker, joycon mounts, room for a lipo battery pack, and uses M3 hardware to combine it all together.

6. HuskyLens + micro: bit – the Most Detailed


Main Control: micro: bit


7. Building a Wireless Tin Can Telephone w/ Arduino! – the Best Actor

Creator: Macgeoffrey

Main Board: DFduino Uno R3

Just the other day, I was in the middle of a very important phone call when my banana phone stopped working! I was so frustrated. That’s the last time I miss a call because of that stupid phone! (In hindsight, I may have gotten a little too angry in the moment, see pics)

It was time for an upgrade. Enter the wireless tin-can telephone! The all-new and improved gag phone, for all my fake communication needs! Note: (This project does actually work)

Here’s how I built it!

8. EC Meter with ESP32 and DFRobot EC module – the Most Environmentally-friendly

Creator: GreenPonik

Main Control: ESP32

PH value is important in many fields like water culture, aquaculture, environmental water detection. Let’s check how to use a PH Meter module with an ESP32.

9. Saturn Dress – the Most Beautiful

Creator: Kitty Yeung

Main Control: Flora

A lot of my designs have been nature-inspired and space-themed.

Saturn is one of my favourite solar system planets. It has a beautiful ring.

10. Amazing Tank Devastator by DFRobot – the Cutest

Creator: Delta Hack

Main Control: Romeo BLE

Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform

Thank you for reading!

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