2020 DFRobot Top 10 DIY/Build/Creation Youtube Videos You CAN NOT Miss

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Enjoy watching the incredible mini PC projects made by Lattepanda and Raspberry Pi, and other creative projects supported by DFRobot technologies such as HuskyLens, development boards, and many other amazing modules!

1. Building a Small Gaming PC Setup - Mini Computer

Make a Minecraft edition tiny Gaming PC setup by LattePanda Alpha board, 5" Display, and 250GB nvme SSD for extra storage.


2. Como ficou o PC DA XUXA modificado

It is time to prove that an old infant laptop"Xuxa Teen" can play all the PC Games! Only because empowered by Latte Panda! (Episode 1+2+3)


3. Adding a GPU to the new Lattepanda Alpha mini PC! (2019 model - RX 550 GPU m.2)

What happens when we try to add a dedicated GPU to the LattePanda with the new 2019 model like the GT 1030, GTX 1050, or RX 550. A lot of pain, that is what happens, but the results are pretty interesting.


4. DIY NZXT H500 Case For Raspberry Pi 4

Make a mini PC for Arduino Programming through Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB Model).


5. How to make a mini Windows PC at home

Learn how to make a mini Windows PC using Raspberry Pi and a 10-inch display


6.Gaming PC Powered Entirely by the SUN!

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of the desert with a full gaming setup but no place to plug in? Well, me too, and now there's a solution,check this video out! (But who will play games in the desert anyway!)


7. La Nintendo 64 mas potente del mundo! (Master race)

Upgrade old Nintendo 64 game set with new components - Lattepanda! 


8. How To Make Arduino Face Tracking Robot [Arduino Project]

Make a face tracking robot using the Arduino and MU Vision Sensor. Let's get started :)


9. Object Tracking Robot using Arduino and HuskyLens | Arduino AI Tutorial

Build a Robot that detects and follows an object using Arduino AI Vision Sensor HuskyLens.


10. Night camera Raspberry pi

Set up a night vision camera alone with Raspberry Pi!

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