Most Popular Media and Retro Gaming Projects with Raspberry Pi 4B

We will show you various Raspberry Pi 4B projects related to media and retro gaming. The projects include creating an internet radio and MP3 player with Bluetooth, building a vintage table-top radio, modifying an iPod Classic to stream music from Spotify, powering a display with a Raspberry Pi for a smarter TV experience, recording and uploading YouTube videos using a Raspberry Pi, installing RetroPie in an Arcade1UP cabinet, and setting up a Raspberry Pi for RetroPi emulation software, etc.


Each project offers detailed instructions and showcases the process of creating these unique and entertaining devices using Raspberry Pi 4B.


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Project: Raspberry Pi Internet Radio and MP3 Player with Bluetooth


Introduction: Raspberry Pi Internet Radio and MP3 Player with Bluetooth is an intermediate-level project that provides detailed instructions for creating an internet radio and MP3 player using a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, a 3.5 HDMI LCD touchscreen, and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module. The project utilizes MPC, MPD, and Pygame for functionality and has been evolving over time.


The installation process involves downloading the Raspbian Stretch image, configuring settings, installing necessary software, and testing the audio output. LCD drivers are also installed, and the project includes instructions for creating playlists and integrating a Bluetooth speaker. Troubleshooting tips and information on controlling the Pi-Radio from a phone are provided as well.


Project: Radiation King Radio


Introduction: The Raspberry Pi-based table-top radio project aims to recreate the vintage AM/FM radio experience seen in Fallout 3 and 4. It utilizes custom time-based coding to simulate live radio stations, with the ability to tune the dial and create a nostalgic atmosphere. The project incorporates a Pi Zero for music playback, a Pi Pico for control, an air-core motor for smooth analog needle movement, and offers features like automatic parsing of folders into virtual radio stations and support for mechanical ultrasonic remote control.


Project: Spotify Streaming on a modded 17-year-old iPod Classic (via Raspberry Pi)


Introduction: The project involves modifying a 17-year-old iPod Classic by adding a Raspberry Pi, enabling it to stream music from Spotify, with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth audio, a color screen, haptic feedback, and a search function. The software includes applications for audio streaming, click wheel interaction, and a user interface written in Python, providing a nostalgic iPod experience with access to Spotify's vast music catalog.

Project: Smarter than a Smart TV! (Raspberry Pi Inside)


Introduction: The NEC Multisync MA551 is a display powered by a Raspberry Pi, running Linux and offering features like automatic failover, power schedules, and remote control. It is designed for commercial use, providing a smarter and more reliable alternative to traditional smart TVs found in stores.

Project: DIY Harry Potter Moving Portrait


Introduction: Moving Portrait inspired from Harry Potter Movies. Moving Portrait is built using a old broken laptop. It can be even build using a Raspberry Pi connected with a display or a old monitor. Moving Portrait Frame looks awesome,we can see family photos,watch videos,movies. It has every functionality that a laptop has.


Project: How to Make a Smart TV at Home


Introduction: In this raspberry pi project, you can learn how to make a smart TV at home with a raspberry pi.



Project: YouTube Video Recorder and Uploader GUI with Night Vision on Raspberry Pi


Introduction: In this raspberry pi project, you can learn how to use the Google APIs Client Library for Python to communicate with YouTube channel through the YouTube Data API.



Project: Arcade1UP Raspberry Pi Install Tutorial - RetroPie in an Arcade1UP


Introduction: The project is a tutorial on how to install a Raspberry Pi inside an Arcade1UP cabinet, allowing you to play retro games using RetroPie. The tutorial covers the necessary components, such as a Raspberry Pi, LCD controller board, arcade buttons, and power supply, and provides step-by-step instructions for the installation process.

Project: How To Build A Bartop Arcade Machine With A Raspberry Pi


Introduction: The project is a tutorial on how to build a bartop arcade machine using a Raspberry Pi. The video showcases the process of designing and cutting the MDF panels, assembling the cabinet, painting it with a black and blue color scheme, and installing T-molding and hinges for easy access to the internal components.

Project: The Everything Console - DIY Retro Game Console


Introduction: The project is about transforming a Raspberry Pi 4 into a DIY retro game console that can emulate various game consoles up to the Sega Dreamcast. The creator builds a custom case using CNC carving and incorporates magnets for assembly, showcasing the process of designing and constructing the console.

Project: Building the Ultimate Retro Console! Raspberry Pi 4 (8Gb) Retro Pi Tutorial


Introduction: This is a complete guide start to finish getting setup with Raspberry Pi single board computers running RetroPi emulation software. There are time stamps below if you are looking for a particular part of the build, or you can kick back and enjoy the entire build. This is just the beginning of the playlist "Raspberry Pi" which will have further builds and software tweaks and tricks to boost your retro gaming experience.

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