How to start sharing your projects in the DF Community?

Welcome to the DF Community, where creativity is celebrated and your work is highly valued! Each post serves as a bridge connecting creators, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas. Embrace the enriching journey of a creator's life here, where we believe you can both have fun and flourish with fellow creative minds. Join us in DF community and enjoy the collaboration and growth with other creators!



Registration and Login

1. Go to DF Community, then click LOGIN/SIGIN UP in the upper right corner to complete SIGN UP and LOGIN your account.



Post Editing

1. Click the pen button in the upper right corner or click My Dashboard-Create a makelog.



2. Enter the editor page. You can share text, pictures, links and videos in your posts simply by adding different blocks. And you also can adjust your post by clicking or dragging these blocks.



3. After filling the Title box with the title, click on one block of any type (Text, Steps, Images, Videos, Hardware, Code, Files) to begin.

- For example, if you want to give a short introduction to your project, select story and click to edit!



- Story block: you can enter text, adjust the text size and thickness, etc. You can also insert images, links, arrange the images, add image caption, etc.



- Step block: you can edit and arrange your project steps.



- Video block: you can add YouTube video links to import videos.



- Hardware block: you can add product name, product link and quantity.



- Code block: you can select different coding software to import code.



- File block: you can upload your attachment, please pay attention to the format and size.



4. After the content is edited, click the right side to upload an image as the cover image.




Join DFRobot Affiliate Program

By joining this affiliate program, you can add DFRobot products used in your project to earn money.

1. Click affiliate on the right side, read the terms and fill in your Account Information & Payment Information, don't forget to tick the box to confirm that you have read and agree to all.  


Here, Company and Website are just examples, please fill them in according to your actual situation.



2. After you've joined, you can add the DFRobot product by typing in the product name or SKU, and selecting your product in the drop down box.



3. After finishing adding products, click OK to view the products you have added, and users can add them to their cart with one click!



Post Publishing

1. If you don't need to publish it for the moment, click Draft to save it to your dashboard and view the draft at any time. If you need to publish text, click publish and select cc, project difficulty and at least 2 additional topic or platform keywords to categorise your project. Once done, the post is ready to publish.




2. Once a new post has been published, click my dashborad to view the status of the post, as well as information such as comments and likes.


Finally, thank you for reading and sharing. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the DFRobot forum.

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