Building a Smart Home with micro:bit and BOSON

Have you ever thought about transforming your home devices to make your home more fun and smarter? Come and join me in creating a smart home environment with micro:bit and BOSON!


1 Boson Starter Kit for micro: bit
1 micro:bit V2

Function Description: 

(1)Start and Shutdown:
Press the button A on the micro:bit to start the smart home, the fan starts, the light strip lights up, and the door can be controlled. 
Press the button B on the micro:bit to shut down the smart home, all devices stop working. 

(2)Party Voice Control Light:Blow or lightly tap the mic to the sound sensor to trigger the neon flowing light effect, and the micro:bit dot matrix appears dancing little man. 

(3)Variable Speed Fan:Rotate the knob module to adjust the fan speed, and you can also turn off the fan. 

(4)Automatic Bedroom Door:Press the button next to the door, the servo drives the door to open, and it automatically closes after one second.

Transformation Steps:

1.Connect the hardware

Mini Fan Module-p16
Push Button-p12
RGB LED strip -p8
Mini Servo-P2
Sound Sensor -P0
Rotation sensor-P1 

2.Write the program

Example code - Makecode link

(1)Initialize the device

(2) Start and Shutdown

(3)Party Voice-Controlled Light

(4)Variable Speed Fan

(5)Automatic Bedroom Door

3.Download the program and test

(1)Download the program

Connect the micro:bit to the computer, and download the program to the micro:bit and run.

Connect the USB cable to the power supply port of the expansion board, and turn on the power switch in the lower right corner of the expansion board. Test according to the preset functions.

Alright, now that the smart home section is almost complete, you could move on to creating a suitable backboard to securely mount the hardware.



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