Virtual Maker Carnival 2020
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09.23 2020
2020 10.18

Virtual Maker Carnival 2020


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2020 Maker Carnival officially released the theme and official key visual of the event today. This year's Maker Carnival, named as ‘Virtual Maker Carnival’, will be held online from October 14th to 18th. This is the first time that Maker Carnival has moved online since its birth in Shanghai in 2012.

With the theme of ‘Reconnect’, the ‘Virtual Maker Carnival’ aims to reconnect makers in the form of online activities in the uncertain year of 2020. In this special period, it is more important than ever to maintain connection and persist in creation. As the largest annual maker activity in China, Maker Carnival hopes to offer a platform for makers to connect to each other and share their experience of 2020.


The key visual of ‘Virtual Maker Carnival’ is designed by Jones: ‘This year's theme is reconnection, so we designed those ‘windows’ to represent the connection of Internet terminals, intending to build a virtual space to show the connection and resonance between makers and to accommodate more possibilities of creation.

Online Sharing

Makers will reconnect with each other in the form of ‘Makers’ Talk’ during Virtual Maker Carnival. Makers’ Talk provides a platform for the expression and exchange of creative spirit in the form of online talking. Its prod4edfucer, Yiyi hopes that more creators will join this online gathering, ‘We invite all creative friends, whether from the technology, education or art industries, entrepreneurs, experts, opinion leaders or amateurs, to share and disseminate creative ideas, projects or experiences.’

Makers’ Talk will be divided into 8-minute quick speech, 40-minute keynotes, and 60-minute round-table discussion according to the expression form of participants. It covers cross-domain topics such as science and technology, games, creative projects, entrepreneurship, education, art design, and life, focusing on the flash of creativity in every corner of work and life.

Project Sharing

We will post some creative projects to show your projects or your company's products. So, you can take some photos or videos of your project and send it to us.

If you have the habit of recording projects and feel confident about your projects, please don't hesitate to contact us! With your graphic content, you can let more people understand your ideas and perhaps can make a few like-minded friends.

We will also post some education-related projects and information for educators.

In order to move the Maker Carnival online, event organizers are building a virtual ‘Maker City’.

In this virtual city, creators can be free from external influence and communicate freely as usual. ‘In the city, creators can not only set up stalls like previous Maker Carnival, present their projects but also introduce the whole process of building projects in form of pictures and texts, so as to exchange creative experience more conveniently.’

The city’s designer Kiki revealed that the virtual space is under construction, and will soon be launched on the official website of Maker Carnival:

At present, the recruitment of guests and projects for Virtual Maker Carnival is in full swing.