Environmental Sensors

This engineering project aims to teach students digital design, C++ coding, engineering Prototyping and sensor calibration. Students are learning skills for working with Bluetooth and environmental science sensors. They are learning how to program a temperature sensor for water, DHT22 for room humidity and temperature as well as soil moisture and gas detection and measurement. This project is used in greenhouses for controlled environments. We are using HC05 Bluetooth, DS18B20 sensor, DHT22, and DF Robot soil moisture sensor, DF Robot MQ4 sensor for gases, a microcontroller, breadboard, wires, and USB cable.

 25 Science Projects

These engineering projects aim to teach students digital design, C++ coding, engineering prototyping and sensor calibration. This is an example of our curriculum where students will learn about the different skills for building projects by subject. There are projects for learning Physics, Chemistry, and biology and they start with the basic to the complex concepts of electronics and science for building a circuit. Microcontrollers, breadboards, USB cables, wires, sensors, LEDs, LCD displays, buzzers are being used for prototyping these engineering projects.

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