Makers’ Christmas Online Party
Contest Period
12.09 2020
2020 12.24

Makers’ Christmas Online Party


Welcome to the DFRobot community. We are holding a Maker's Christmas Online Party here, where you can discover new ideas, communicate with other makers, and demonstrate your proud work. Even better, earning surprising Christmas gifts! Start your discovery now and enjoy!

For anyone who wants to earn the surprising Christmas gifts - 15$ Christmas Ultimate Maker Coupon, you are encouraged to post you work at DFRobot community and make a complete and detailed project introduction at the same time! Usually you will receive the coupon in 3 days after a quick review by our staff. Keep in mind that the activity deadline is 2020.12.24, and only the original work with a full project introduction will pass the review.

This template will help you out:


Want to challenge a bigger prize? We prepared a bigger coupon for those who devote themselves to encouraging and inspiring other makers. If your work was audited and selected as the "top" project by our editor, you will receive an extra 100$ coupon, which can be used together with any other coupon in the DFRobot store. Make sure to put the “Xmas” tag on your post to run for your project fund!

How to make a post?

Sign up/Log in your DFRobot account.
Go to "My Dashboard" located under your profile photo.
Click"Create a makelog" and then you can start your creation~

That's it! Marry Christmas and have a great time at our online Christmas party! See you around at your post~