Post Your work, Earn a Great Discount
Contest Period
03.15 2021
2021 04.15

Post Your work, Earn a Great Discount


Welcome to DFRobot Community maker Friends!
We assume you may want to create something useful, creative, or cool just like your favorite YouTuber did.
We are sorry we can not help you with that because It is a journey that you have to walk by yourself. 



If you are a maker who has been trying to build your own projects, spread your ideas through the internet, and in need of cost-effective electronic modules at the same time, I think I can help you out! So we build this activity for makers who love-to-share:


Humans can only go “higher” by standing on each other‘s “shoulders”. We believe that makers who voluntarily share their works, contribute their ideas, and free instructions online should always be valued and rewarded!


So through this activity, we will encourage makers who share their projects instruction and ideas generously on the DFRobot community with a rare store coupon - Community Contributor Coupon.


This coupon does not have using thres-hold. It can work together with any other type of discount in the DFRobot online shop, and only findable in some particular YouTubers' videos. Each contributor can earn three coupons top per month.


We are devoting ourselves to cooperate with popular YouTubers to build a live and sustainable online maker community; so that makers, no matter what making level they are at, could get what they genuinely need: they can learn, they can share, and they can save money by doing the right things - empower people's creations by sharing your projects and work.

How to pick up your coupon after sharing your works on the DFRobot community?

For anyone who have successfully post their project on DFRobot community( editor review takes about 2~3 days) , there will be automaticly receive 5$ coupon in your DFRobot account.


Don't forget to add "love2share" tag on your project; otherwise, the editor may miss your post!

Feel like interacting with us on social media platforms? Why not! 

Moreover, we got another “Build with friends” coupon for you!

Follow any of our Social Media Accounts(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), post your work in your account, and @ DFRobot at the same time, we will re-post your work as long as your work pre-reviewed and already shown in the DFrobot community ahead of time.


If you also would like to @ your friend on the social media platform, go ahead! Any of the purchases complete from your friend in DFRobot will earn you another 5$ coupon. You can redeem the 5$ coupon by sending out your friends' order number to our Facebook with a private message.


See you around at your post~

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More events on the way, Let's create together and empower each other's ideas!