The Nova Program
Contest Period
05.30 2022

The Nova Program


What is the Nova Program?


The Nova Program is designed to help creators realise more of their ideas.


We’re looking for all types of content creators. Our goal is to foster an active community through the content partners, as well as provide them with a way to work directly with us and foster a mutually beneficial relationship.


You will have the chance to use the products provided by DFRobot to create your project.



How can I apply?


Applying is easy!


Click on the link below; Fill out a few questions; Done!


You’ll need to have the following before joining:


1. Your project is free from inappropriate content.

2. Your project is an original work and you have full and independent intellectual property rights to the work and the right to use it for this program.

3. You are 18 years or older and can verify. (Minors should complete the application for this program under the supervision of parents or legal guardians.)





1. What is the deadline for the program?

It's a long-term program.


2. Do I need to pay to apply for this program?

No, DFRobot will offer the products free of charge and pay for the postage, but you may have to pay the potential tariff according to the tariff policy of different countries and regions.


3. How will I know I have been chosen for this program?

Our team will take 1-2 weeks to review your application. Qualified participants will be contacted through the application's email address you have reserved.


4. Can I submit a repeat application?

Yes, however, the interval between applications should not be less than one month.


5. Can I use the products you offer for other purposes?

The products DFRobot offers you are intended for use in the production of projects only. Profit-making activities such as the secondary sale of products are not permitted.