An introduction to Max:Bot

Max:Bot , an easy-to-use mobile platform with the best designed interfaces, can provide various functions for its users. It can be perfectly functioned when connected to Micro:bit. Besides, Max:Bot carries nearly all fundamental capabilities of a robot. However, what may surprise you more is the all-metal integrated shiny enclosure which is easy to assemble.

 The best match of Micro:bit

 Set up quickly and easy to use

 Aluminum design, more solid and more durable

 Available to upgrade and connect to expansion boards. Support more than 100 Gravity digital modules.

💜 How to define a robot?

Generally, robots are automated devices with certain amount of computing power. Same as living creatures, robots have their own “organs”:

🔸 The brain:

micro:bit acts as the brain. With its own logical system, the board can process the information and send out commands correspondingly.

🔸 The sensory system:

Max:Bot is attached with sensors of different functions, thus we get the sensory system. For instance, a grayscale sensor and a collision sensor can be used as the eye and the hand to receive outside information.

🔸 The executive system:

This system can change our environment or send out messages to the outside world through gestures, languages, expressions, etc. LED strips and digital speaker modules can be connected to Max:Bot to send out massages. Additionally, there is an LED panel with 25 LEDS on the micro:bit and they can be used to display messages and patterns.

💜 Component list of Max:Bot


Connect all the components listed above to the board below, we can then have the body of Max:Bot .

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