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Dear DFRobot Community Friends,

During these uncertain times, we would like to serve as a global content platform to share as many rich and valuable online resources as we can to teachers and children learning from home.

We are now sourcing global educators to contribute self-created digitalized lessons by using our software or hardware, which can help learners gain access to free e-learning resources. From those community-contributed lesson resources, teachers can get inspiration for how to transform from classroom training to a fully virtual education, and children can benefit from various STEM lesson plans.


About DFRobot:

Inspired by a mission to teach more people to embrace robotics, DFRobot creates comprehensive learning kits for students to engage with in the classroom. DFRobot’s robotics kits, created using Arduino/micro:bit/Raspberry Pi and DIY robots, offer pupils an engaging and coding-free method of developing skills associated with STEM subjects and effectively bridge the gap between theoretical and practical coding and electronics knowledge. During this difficult time, we began running free, real-time virtual lessons aimed at STEM teachers, but available to pupils too.

Our plan -You distribute, we deliver: 

• Collect online open lessons and share them within our community and other non-profitable platforms 

• Hold activity until schools reopen  

Who are the participants? 

 No matter whether you are educators or parents, as long as you are capable of teaching and sharing content through online videos, we would like you to contribute. 

If you already held training lessons with DFRobot products, appreciate if you are willing to share them with a wider audience. 

Regarding lessons: 

• Lesson content: graphic/physical coding, science, computer science, etc. applied with DFRobot STEM products. 

• Lesson platform: any online platform, such as a webinar, live-stream lesson, video recording in an online post, etc., which will allow us to post this content onto our online community platform or third-party non-profitable communities.

• Lesson duration: 30-60 min/lesson, where a series of lessons regarding one topic/product is preferred.

• Additional notes: content developed for teachers or children are both welcome. 

What we will offer: 

• Product sponsorship (if you don't have any of our products on hand) 

• Product material support to provide a full understanding of our products and help inspire you as you teach 

• Teacher's guide for each lesson (lesson plans depend on each case) 

• A free hardware gift of up to $200 USD for each lesson (value depends on each case)

• (For reseller) Open discuss for other offer 

How to take part in? 

Please fill in the form for a follow-up conversation. 

• If you already have qualified resources available, please share with us by uploading the download/watch links in above online form. 

• If you are interested in joining this plan, please fill in the above online form first and we will email you for more details. 

  DFRobot Edu Team

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