Educational robot platform | Maqueen micro bit

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What are the characteristics of McQueen? 

 -Makcode's scaffolding will later be compatible with scratch and python 

 -Small, flexible movement. 

 -Complete metal micro gear engine, high quality, powerful power.

 -Line patrol, environmental lighting, LED lamp, ultrasonic interface, buzzing interface, I2C interface, mechanical expansion screw hole, etc All functions, highly extended. 

 -Special, flexible and reliable bearing log wheel, with strong ability to pass through obstacles.

 -Easy to install, easy to use.

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Specifications Source: 

3.5v-5v DC (3 AAA battery or 3.7V lithium battery) 

Infrared tracker (digital input) × 2 

Juice × 1 

IR receiver (NEC code) × 1 

 Embedded LED light (digital output) × 2 

Shipboard programmable light source × 4 

SR04, SR04 ultrasonic connector 4 nails (5V) × 1 

IIC (3.3V) interface × 1 

N20 metal motor × 2 

Engine decompression ratio: 1:150 

Maximum rotation rate: 133 revolutions 

Engine drive mode: engine driver 

Bracket and extension of M3 screw hole × 6 guard 

Programming tools: Network Editor

Idea + (according to scratch 3.0) 

Dimensions: width 81mm × length 85mm × height 44mm 

Weight: 75.55g (battery, micro: excluding bit board)

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