What do you think of these weather station projects?

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E-ink weather station

This weather station has the following functions:

* time
* date
* temperature
* station atmospheric pressure
* sea level atmospheric pressure
* humidity
* short-time local weather forecast
* pressure tendency


Mini weather station

This is a small portable weather station that you can put anywhere you want to measure air factors. With DHT 11 You can Measure temperature and humidity, with BMP180 You can measure air pressure and altitude and with RTC you can ad time and date to Your data then store to SD card.

This mini weather station uses Arduino Uno/Nano as the main control and is completely open source. The code is also very easy to modify. If you want to analyze the current data or the past month's data, you just need to open Excel and make them into a chart.


Remote Controlled Weather Station

This weather station was created from a Raspberry Pi, a temperature sensor, and a RockBLOCK.

The envisioned application would be a weather station in a really remote location (i.e. outside of mobile/cellular coverage) – maybe in the middle of the desert, the jungle, or even the arctic – sending its data back to some kind of central weather system.



This weather station with a particulate sensor was made by the authors in preparation for monitoring the air quality in Alba, as the school is involved in local water analysis.

Also, the weather station is modular and can be upgraded in the future, so the new students will be able to work on it and keep it working in case of a malfunction. They will also learn electronics by doing so.

The weather station is solar-powered and can be connected to the school website via the ESP8266 and IoT platform.


QingStation, Ultrasonic Anemometer/Weather Station

This is a compact, functional, opensource weather station, integrating with ultrasonic arrays for wind speed and direction measurement, infrared rain sensor, barometer, humidity sensor, light sensors, lightning sensor and others. It can record data locally or publish data through MQTT broker. Hardware/software at https://github.com/majianjia/QingStation


The Icestupa and the Campbell weather stations in Ladakh

Suryanarayanan Balasubramanian, a PhD student at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, and the Himalayan Institute of Alternative Learning have collaborated to independently deploy a weather station from scratch at low cost in Ladakh, a region where open-source weather data is non-existent, using a Raspberry Pi and our sponsored sensors!

The goal of the Ice Stupa Seasonal Artificial Glacier Project is to build artificial glaciers across regions of Himalayas, India to provide water to the villages at the time of need.

Now, with the weather station in place and the AIR dataset successfully acquired, the team members hope to quantify the potential of these ice reservoirs not just in Ladakh but for any community worldwide who want to put their winter to use!   

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