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The Raspberry Pi Pico is a radical change from the previous Pis, because it’s not a Linux computer, but a microcontroller board like Arduino. The biggest selling points of the Raspberry Pi Pico are the price, $4 and the new RP2040 chip which provides ample power for embedded projects and enables users of any age or ability to learn coding and electronics. If you have a Windows, Apple, Linux computer, or even a different Raspberry Pi, then you are already well on your way to using the Raspberry Pi Pico in your next project.


Today we will see what interesting project can be made by combining Pico and HUSKYLENS together.

Smart Meter Reading Project

In factory renovation, we often encounter the headache of digitizing a large amount of meter data in order to realize factory informatization.


Replacing them all with digital meters is of course a once-and-for-all solution, but sometimes it is not such an easy decision to make.


For example, some equipment can't be shut down and replaced due to the needs of the production line; digital instrumentation for some equipment is not cheap, and even if the equipment is replaced, the training of some workers in the factory can't follow immediately, etc.


Now, with the advent of the $4 Pico and the newly released major update to HUSKYLENS, this situation may be resolved!


With the combination of HUSKYLENS and Raspberry Pi Pico for ONLY $50, we can quickly build a digital instrumentation solution! And it can be adapted to digitize all kinds of meters!


In this demo, we use the latest features of HUSKYLENS.

As we can see, engineers can easily use HUSKYLENS to digitize the readings of home water meters and output them through Raspberry Pi Pico, which is easy and convenient to operate. If you are interested, you can directly click the link below the article to get the relevant code and make your own digital water meter. Mom no longer has to worry that I can not read the water meter! (doge)


HUSKYLENS has also updated the human-machine interaction to make the operation more convenient.


HUSKYLENS aims to further lower the threshold of artificial intelligence in applications so that we can devote more effort to solving practical problems in the process of creation, instead of spending a lot of energy on learning AI algorithms and freeing users time and energy through the method of keystroke learning.


Let's look forward to making more interesting applications using PICO and HUSKYLENS together!


Powered by Raspberry Pi Pico & HUSKYLENS:


Raspberry Pi Pico:https://bit.ly/3qyyAl4



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