Smart Watering System IoT

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This project is to implement a Smart Watering IoT device based on live data being monitored from multiple on board sensors.


Things used in this project


Hardware components

1 DC motor (generic)
1 DFRobot Gravity: I2C BME280 Environmental Sensor
1 DFRobot Gravity: Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor- Corrosion Resistant
1 Particle Argon
1 Graphic OLED, 128 x 64
1 Seeed Grove - Dust Sensor(PPD42NS)
1 Seeed Grove - Air quality sensor v1.3

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Laser cutter (generic)



This project is for my 2nd midterm in the IoT(Internet of Things) Bootcamp with Central New Mexico College's Deep Dive Program. This is bringing together components and different aspects of code that I have learned and incorporated into one project in preparation for my capstone. This uses multiple sensors to be able to read about the surrounding environment. The idea beyond that is once the soil moisture probe identifies that the soil is too dry it will automatically water the plant based on preset conditions in the code. If the soil is at "x" level then water the plant and read the sensor again etc. This takes the work out of guessing whether or not your plant needs to be watered. Streamlining the process while using a dashboard on where the information is published from the Particle using a WiFi connection.



Midterm GitHub Repository

This is my repository on GitHub showing all code.


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Fritzing for the Smart Plant watering system

This is the Fritzing to display how the components are wired into the breadboard. Also to show how each component is connected to the microcontroller, power, or ground.


Snippet of Code

This is the void loop showing different aspects of code and what is being published and printed.




Github Repository

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The article was first published in hackster, November 11, 2021


author: Jericho Ortiz

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