2.2" TFT LCD Display v1.0 - #DFR0529

This is a 2.2” TFT LCD Display Module with an input voltage of 3.3V~5.5V, which is used to display colorful patterns and characters.


Things used in this project


Hardware components

DFRobot Fermion: 2.2” TFT SPI Interface LCD Display (Breakout)
Jumper wires (generic) 8 pieces for connect with Arduino UNO

Software apps and online services


Arduino IDE



If you already have experience with the rectangular LCD modules, you will gain one more experience here: namely the round LCD module which is the size of a men's wristwatch. DFRobot offers it with example-codes for ESP and Arduino as Fermion: 2.2 ”TFT SPI Interface LCD Display (Breakout).


I especially liked the clock: quickly set the current time in the code and uploaded the sketch to the Uno: done. The PIN-Out can be done using the breakout with 8 jumpers.

A graphic could also be converted into hex values with a desktop program and displayed accordingly on the LCD. However, I am inexperienced in using the Chinese characters and have not tried the example program.


Bitmaps on the fly

I think that with the help of the example sketches, doors will certainly be opened to carry this neat display with you on a backpack for on the go.


DFRobot Wiki with helpful information: 2.2”TFT LCD Display V1.0 (SPI Interface) wiki-DFRobot


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author: Ingo Lohs

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