Join Chitchat: Were makers happier when they make” useless” stuff?
Contest Period
08.01 2021
2021 09.01

Join Chitchat: Were makers happier when they make” useless” stuff?


Love2Share Event is back! Join ChitChat Events and Win 30$ DFRobot Store Coupon!

Some makers say they got the most joy when they were at the stage of just getting started to learn some hacking skills and try to create funny but useless stuff. Do you have the same experience?


However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the freedom of making “useless” stuff all the time, but the original joy indeed encouraged them to walk a long way in the field of DIY and buildings. We can always encourage each other to value the original aspiration of creation by sharing your fun but “Useless” project!


Followed with Love2Share event's return, anyone who posts their “useless” projects on the DFRobot community and kindly shares their detailed project-making process  with other makers in the DFRobot community will receive rare and special 30$ DFRobot store coupons!



Events Begins


August 1, 2021 at 9:00AM PT 



Submissions Close 


August 31, 2021 at 11:59PM PT 



Coupon Winner Announce


September 15,2021





1. We prepared ×50 10$ Coupons as prizes to the qualified posts, each user  can earn up to three independent 10$ coupons by posting the corresponding number of posts!


2. Moreover, we will pick the best 5 projects based on the MakeLog performance ( the number of LIKES, etc.) and reward winners with an extra 20$ coupon, which means winners can finally receive a rare 30$ DFRobot store coupon at once.


3. The restriction: LattePanda Boards/ Raspberry Pi Boards/ Micro:bit Boards/ micro:Maqueen/ PCB/ NVIDIA products are excluded.


Join the DFRobot Discord group - “Weekly Chitchat with the topic” channel to join the discussion and make your comments. >>>DFRobot Discord Group Portal


Don’t let the original aspirations fade away! Cheers!


Quick Q&A 


Q: How to Login to MakeLog Account? 







Just add "DFChitChat" as your post's tag. 

Q:How to pick up your coupon after sharing your works on the DFRobot community?


Pay attention to your post’s comment area. For anyone who has successfully post their project on the DFRobot community, the judge will reach out to you ( editor review takes about 2~3 days), and we will announce winners in the Event post.

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What kind of maker online activities will help you most or could attract you to join?


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