Top 10 Most Popular Projects - 2021 Top Rated DFRobot Projects Review

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1. How to Build Your Own MechaGodzilla Armor! 

56 Days To Make Wearable Monster Suit Using EVA & DFRobot Gears!



2. How to make an electronic component tester



3. Can we make a profit out of it?! Solar Powered Crypto Miner Using A Raspberry Pi Zero W



4. How to make looking glass display using sunglasses at your home with Huskylens



5. Cool Raspberry Pi Devastator Robot #4: Pygame & Speed Control



6. Grogu's Floating Cradle! (HACKLORIAN: Chapter 4)



7. DIY 3D Printed IoT Weather Station Using an ESP32



8. How To Make Smartphone Controlled Tank at Home | Bluetooth Tank



9. WOW! Making The Most Smallest Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC



10. Crazy - A Crypto miner Mini Computer by Raspberry Pi 4 8G, A Powerful Fan is also necessary!

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