Arduino fingerprint security lock

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Fingerprint security door lock with arduino


Things used in this project


Hardware components

1 DFRobot Fingerprint Sensor
1 Arduino UNO
1 AA Batteries
1 Linear Solenoid, 12 VDC

Software apps and online services


Arduino IDE



Welcome to the Techatronic, in this project we are going to make a Fingerprint security door lock with Arduino. we will explain to you how to make that Arduino fingerprint door lock step by step. This is the most trustable biometric these days. what's more, generally utilized incorporate just as the personals. for instance, this uses as the participation framework in numerous workplaces. what's more, there are numerous different applications like Fingerprint entryway lock which I have made in these tasks and I am going to share all the required in this undertakings. so read the full article to figure out how to make a unique mark Arduino security lock. on the off chance that you go to the market for the unique mark lock, it is close the $135 yet by this strategy for Arduino you can make this lock-in just $20. it is modest and you can utilize it into your home just as your office moreover.


the fingerprint sensor can save up to 137 fingerprints itself. the fingerprint sensor is r307 which has the memory itself. so no need to insert any memory card with it. and there are two programs to one is to enroll the fingerprint and another is to verify the fingerprint. do you know how the fingerprint sensor works []?


there is an optical sensor that makes an image of the fingerprint over itself and then the image converts into some random pattern according to the image. and each & everyone has a different fingerprint even our 10 fingers have different fingerprints. so the pattern made by the fingerprint for every finger could be different and the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor is more than 98%.






-Arduino UNO R3


-Door Lock 12 volt (Solenoid Lock)


-Adafruit r307 fingerprint sensor


-12v power supply


-wooden block




-Library to be installed in Arduino IDE- Download


-full information, circuit diagram & code - Click here

The article was first published in hackster, April 24 2020


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