Immersive Shooting Game w/ ML Facial Recognition

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This is a controller but also a game device itself. Users can play airsoft games with it. Facial recognition is used to check the target.


Things used in this project


Hardware components

1 DFRobot I2C 16x2 Arduino LCD Display Module
1 SparkFun Pro Micro - 5V/16MHz
1 Drone Camera
1 Seeed Studio Grove - Vibration Motor
2 Keyboard Switch
1 Alphanumeric LCD, 16 x 2
1 General Purpose Transistor NPN
1 Resistor 1k ohm





This work is called Immersive Shooting Game w/ ML Facial Recognition.


This is a controller but also a game device itself. Through facial recognition, players can use this console to play “airsoft game” (without an airsoft gun) anywhere.


When the player presses the trigger, the camera module at the front of the gun will process functions to determine if the user hits a valid target.


Also, we have an immersive design for the controller. Players need to remove the magazine and reload it like a real firearm. Different game modes are also designed, such as IPSC, and unlimited mode.





My teammate and I like playing airsoft games. However, it is difficult for us to play multiplayer airsoft games outdoors or indoors due to the current epidemic.


During airsoft games fighting against people, they can use the airsoft gun to shoot at each other because everyone wears protective equipment. But if we don't find the right venue and enough players, we can't play. So we thought of using the camera module and machine learning facial recognition to allow players to target anyone anywhere without physically hurting others. Coupled with the immersive controller design, players have the experience of playing airsoft games.


How to play


There are two game modes. Players can switch modes on the GUI and press the trigger to start the game. Players can also return to the menu by pressing the selector button or waiting until the game is over. During the game, the player has nine shots for each magazine.


Mode 1: IPSC


The first is IPSC mode. The game has a total of five rounds, and the player needs to complete the number of targets they need to shoot in a limited number of magazines.


Mode 2: Unlimited


The second is the unlimited mode, where the player has an unlimited number of magazines.




Video Demo







Immersive Shooting Game w/ ML Facial Recognition

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