1.5 Adana Rocketry Avionic

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It is a rocket avionic system.


Things used in this project

Hardware components

1 DFRobot 6 DOF Sensor - MPU6050
1 Teensy 3.5
1 M5Stack GPS Module with Internal & External Antenna (NEO-M8N)
1 Linear Regulator (7805)
1 Resistor 4.75k ohm
1 Through Hole Resistor, 200 ohm
1 Through Hole Resistor, 390 ohm
1 Capacitor 1 µF
1 DC Film Capacitor, 0.33 µF
1 Ceramic Disc Capacitor, 0.1 µF
1 Wireless-Tag LoRa Module
1 SparkFun Atmospheric Sensor Breakout - BME280



Today I am going to explain and desing a circuit about are today’s new and popular technology LORA’s and using them with servo motor’s.


LoRa modules, as the name indicates (Long Range), are RF modules used for long distance communication. LoRa is a long range and low power wireless communication system that can send small amounts of data over great distances. These two features make it an attractive solution for application in the IoT and IoT industries. The model that we will use in this project will be EBYTE’s LoRa E32-868T20D model. In this exapmle we are going to design a transmitter device. This system can calculate gyroscope values, pressure, altitude, location and control 4 servo motor’s simultaneously.


This design could be used for RC planes, drones and in model rocketry.


First of all, we need to set up the circuit diagram and connections of the system we are going to do:


· The LoRa module we are using has the UART communication protocol.


· BME280 module is using I2C communication protocol.


· GPS module is also using UART communication protocol.


· MPU6050 module is also I2C communication protocol.


· Servo motors need external power between 4.8-6V so that we choose 2 regulators to control power.


· Teensy 3.5 can work with 5V so we used fixed regulator for it.


· Equipment to be used in the system was designed at Autodesk EAGLE software by creating circuit diagrams.



Secondly, there are two important points that we need the consider in pcbs are:


· Choose the right grid-set and always use the grid spacing that matches the most components


· The design should be drawn on the smallest possible area


· Use the power layer as much as possible to manage the distribution of power lines and ground lines


· Copy the required circuit board on another larger circuit board multiple times for PCB imposition


· Perform design rule checks (DRC) as much as possible


· Decoupling capacitors must be selected


· Generate PCB manufacturing parameters and verify them before submitting for production




· At this stage, we are expected to produce the card we designed.


The article was first published in hackster, May 10, 2022

cr: https://www.hackster.io/atayoguzkaan/1-5-adana-rocketry-avionic-1bcc2a

author: Oğuz Kaan ATAY

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