SCI Module: Optimizing Data Acquisition for Air, Environmental, and Liquid Data

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This project showcases the utilization of the SCI DAQ Module by connecting sensors dedicated to air, environment, and water quality. It involves the direct acquisition and display of sensor data, followed by the summarizing of this data on a micro:bit for further processing.

SCI DAQ Module Introduction


The Gravity: Science Data Acquisition (SCI DAQ) module is a powerful and highly integrated data acquisition module that incorporates features such as screen display, automatic sensor recognition, sensor calibration, data logging, RTC clock, and data conversion to make data acquisition more convenient and efficient. In addition, the SCI DAQ module has versatile power options and can output physical quantity data collected by sensors through an I2C interface, compatible with micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, UNIHIKER, etc.

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SCI Supported Sensor List


SCI module supports a wide range of DFRobot Gravity sensors, and the list is continually increasing.

Use the SCI DAQ Module Independently


The SCI module features one digital/analog port and two IIC ports. Connect the sensor to these ports, power the module with a battery or USB cable, and observe real-time display of sensor data. 

Additionally, you can store the collected sensor data in the onboard storage space and export it in CSV format for further analysis. This functionality facilitates the swift completion of exploratory experiments.

Use the SCI DAQ Module with micro:bit


Regardless of the sensor connected to the SCI DAQ module, the micro:bit can use the same code command to obtain the physical quantity data collected by the sensor, reducing programming difficulty.


1.Connect the SCI output port to the IIC interface using any micro:bit extension board.

2.Open the MakeCode online programming page. 3.Create a new project and load the extension library for the SCI DAQ module: https://github.com/DFRobot/pxt-DFRobot_SCI_DAQ_Module.git 4.Enter the name of the physical quantity. The name can be obtained by the name displayed on the module screen.

Build the Sample Project


The first SCI is connected to an HCHO sensor, an air quality sensor, and a PM2.5 sensor. In this configuration, the SCI transforms into an air quality monitor, suitable for detecting harmful gases in home decoration, assessing air pollution, or evaluating the overall quality of indoor air. 

The second SCI connects to a soil moisture sensor, a light sensor, and a temperature and humidity sensor. You can check essential environmental data for plant growth. To build a plant monitor, please refer to the following article: SCI Kit | Plant Monitoring System - DFRobot Education- online resources for STEM and maker education

The last SCI connects to a pH sensor to observe the pH value of any liquid. The SCI module can perform sensor calibration on the board, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. There are more options for liquid sensors available, such as TDS or Electrical Conductivity; please check the SCI wiki page for more information: Gravity: SCI DAQ Module (dfrobot.com)

1 micro:bit
1 IO Extender for micro:bit
3 SCI DAQ Module
1 HCHO Sensor
1 Air Quality Sensor
1 PM2.5 Sensor
1 Soil Moisture Sensor
1 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
1 Ambient Light Sensor
1 pH Sensor V2

There is also a cost-effective SCI Kit, which includes an SCI module and four popular sensors to start your digital scientific exploration: Gravity: Science Data Acquisition SCI Module Kit for Science Experiments - DFRobot

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