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### Article: HeliosCube Project Progress (HC1) - June 6, 12024

The HeliosCube project, code-named HC1, continues to make significant strides. Today, on June 7, 2024, we are excited to share the latest developments and the next steps in our journey towards launching a CubeSat that will contribute to scientific research and education.

#### Connection and Installation of Solar Systems
One of the major achievements in this phase is the completion of the connection and installation of the solar system on the first floor of the CubeSat. The team has selected and connected 7 Photovoltaic Cells, each 0.38W and 30x90mm, which will provide the necessary energy for the CubeSat's operation.

Additionally, for energy storage, a 3.7V 800mAh Li-Po Battery is used. Energy management is handled by the DFRobot Solar Lipo Charger 3.7V, ensuring optimal charging and discharging of the battery, thereby offering stable and reliable power supply to the CubeSat.

#### Connection Diagram
The following image depicts the connection setup of the solar system and the battery:

![Solar Energy Setup](attachment)

1. **Photovoltaic Cells**:
  - Connected in series and parallel to provide stable voltage and current.
  - Strategically placed to utilize available space on the first floor.

2. **Li-Po Battery**:
  - Connected to the DFRobot Solar Lipo Charger for storing generated energy.
  - Ensures continuous power supply even when the photovoltaic cells are not generating sufficient energy.

3. **DFRobot Solar Lipo Charger**:
  - Manages the charging of the battery, ensuring it does not overcharge.
  - Provides stable power to the CubeSat during its operations.

#### Next Steps
With the completion of the solar system installation, the HC1 team is now moving forward with the next stages of the project. These include:

1. **Testing and Verification of the Energy System**:
  - Conducting tests to verify the performance of the photovoltaic cells and the battery.
  - Ensuring the system can provide stable energy under all operational conditions.

2. **Integration of Remaining Subsystems**:
  - Preparing for the installation of communication, computing, and optical systems.
  - Ensuring all systems will operate harmoniously.

### Conclusion
The HeliosCube HC1 project continues to progress dynamically, with the team working tirelessly towards the successful completion and launch of the CubeSat. The completion of the solar system installation marks a significant step towards achieving our ultimate goal.

We extend our gratitude to all our partners and supporters for their invaluable contributions. We remain dedicated to achieving our objectives and promoting innovation in the field of small satellites.

Stay tuned for further updates and news regarding the HeliosCube HC1 project.

Date: June 6, 12024

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