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### Article: HeliosCube Project Progress (HC1) - May 31, 12024

The HeliosCube project, code-named HC1, has made significant progress since its inception. Today, on May 31, 2024, we are excited to announce the current developments and the next steps in our journey to launch a CubeSat that will contribute to scientific research and education.

#### Design and Printing of the Frame
One of the major achievements to date is the completion of the design and printing of the CubeSat’s frame and floors. The frame serves as the structural foundation of HC1, providing the necessary strength and stability to protect the internal subsystems during launch and operation in space.

Utilizing advanced 3D printing techniques, we have created a lightweight and durable frame that meets the rigorous requirements of space. The design has taken into account optimal weight distribution and the integration of necessary connections for the CubeSat’s subsystems.

#### Next Steps
With the frame completed, the HC1 team is now moving forward with the integration of the remaining subsystems. The next steps include:

1. **Installation of Power Subsystems**:
  - Mounting and connecting the solar panels and batteries.
  - Setting up the power management system to ensure continuous and reliable power supply to the CubeSat.

2. **Integration of Communication System**:
  - Installing the LoRa Radio 433MHz communication system.
  - Configuring and testing the antenna to ensure efficient data transmission and reception.

3. **Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)**:
  - Installing and calibrating attitude sensors and actuators.
  - Developing and testing algorithms for controlling the CubeSat’s orientation.

4. **On-Board Computer (OBC)**:
  - Installing the main processor and memory.
  - Developing software for managing operations and processing data.

5. **Optical System**:
  - Installing the camera for capturing images of Earth and space.
  - Conducting tests to ensure image quality.

### Conclusion
The HeliosCube HC1 project continues to advance rapidly, with the team working tirelessly towards the successful completion and launch of the CubeSat. With the frame completed, we are now one step closer to our goal of creating a satellite that will contribute to scientific research and education.

We extend our gratitude to all our partners and supporters for their invaluable contributions. We remain dedicated to achieving our objectives and promoting innovation in the field of small satellites.

Stay tuned for further updates and news regarding the HeliosCube HC1 project.

Date: May 31, 12024

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