Project Description: LunarScope - A Moon Phase Tracker and Display




LunarScope is an Arduino-based project designed to calculate and display the current phase of the moon. Utilizing an OLED display and a Real-Time Clock (RTC), this device provides a clear visualization of the moon's phase, along with the number of days remaining until the next full moon. LunarScope is ideal for anyone interested in astronomy, moon phases, or celestial observation.




Real-Time Clock Integration: The project uses an RTC to maintain accurate time and date, ensuring precise calculations of the moon's phase.

OLED Display: A clear, easy-to-read OLED screen displays the current moon phase with graphical representations and text descriptions.

Moon Phase Calculation: The system calculates the moon's phase based on the Julian Date, providing information on eight different moon phases: Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Old Crescent, New Moon, New Crescent, First Quarter, and Waxing Gibbous.

Days Until Next Full Moon: LunarScope also displays the number of days remaining until the next full moon, offering a useful indicator for planning moon-related activities or observations.


LunarScope updates its display continuously, providing real-time information about the moon's phase. As the RTC updates, the display reflects any changes in the moon's phase, ensuring accuracy throughout the day.




Astronomy Enthusiasts: LunarScope is a perfect tool for those who enjoy observing the moon and its changing phases.

Education: This project can be used as an educational tool to teach about the lunar cycle and its various phases.

Home Decor: The LunarScope can serve as a unique decorative piece, providing an interesting conversation starter.

Materials and Components:


Arduino board (e.g., Uno, Mega, etc.)

OLED display (e.g., 128x64)

RTC module (e.g., DS1307, DS3231)

Connecting wires and breadboard

A computer with Arduino IDE for programming

Future Enhancements:


Customizable Settings: Add features to adjust the display's brightness or change between different graphical themes.

Extended Information: Include additional data such as moonrise and moonset times, or provide astrological insights.

Wireless Connectivity: Integrate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for remote monitoring or control.


LunarScope is a versatile and engaging project for anyone interested in the moon and its phases. Whether for educational purposes, personal enjoyment, or as a unique addition to your home, LunarScope provides an insightful look into the lunar cycle.

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