Get a FREE Trial of Beetle ESP32 - C3
Contest Period
06.15 2022
2022 07.06

Get a FREE Trial of Beetle ESP32 - C3


The Finalists


Thank you all for your active participation! Here is the finalist of this event. We will be in touch with you for delivery details.

For those participants who were not selected, we have a $7.90 coupon for you to shop at DFRobot Store. The coupons will be sent to your email address within one week. Please check it. (Some users have not been sent successfully because of their email address setting. If you find that you have not received the coupon collection email, please contact


Thank you for your interest in this Free Trial. DFRobot has always been working to provide the best hardware and solutions for our maker friends.


The product we choose for this Free Trial is Beetle ESP32 - C3 (RISC-V Core Development Board).

Whether you want to try making a new IoT project or would like to experience the perfect combination of RISC-V and ESP32, you really can't miss it!


You can apply for a trial from one of the following two kits.


Kit1: Beetle ESP32 - C3 *5 ($39.5)

Kit2: Beetle ESP32 - C3 *1 + OLED Transparent Display *1 ($42.8)

Beetle ESP32-C3, mainly intended for IoT applications, is a controller based on ESP32-C3 RISC-V 32bit single-core processor.


To learn more: 

- Product wiki


Fermion: 1.51” OLED Transparent Display with Converter (Breakout), a 1.51” SSD1309 transparent monochrome OLED display (light blue) with a converter. It offers a resolution of 128×64, full-view, and a blue display.


To learn more: 

-Product wiki

What are the start and end dates?


The trial application will run from June 15th, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. UTC to July 6th, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. UTC.


How to apply?


Please click on the following link and complete the questionnaire.


Please make sure to fill in the details as this will be used as an important basis for the assessment, and applications without detailed descriptions will not pass the assessment.


1. Do I need to pay for the trial application?

No, DFRobot will offer the products free of charge. Though you may have to pay for the customs duties due to different countries' and regions' policies.


2. How will I know the application result?

We will announce the application winners on July 15th, 2022.


3. Can I submit a repeat application?

Please note that you only have one opportunity to submit your application, if you make multiple applications, the information from the first application will be used.


4. Can I use the products you offer for other purposes?

The products we offer to you are intended for use in the production of projects only. Profit-making activities such as the secondary sale of this product are not permitted.

Lucky draw


Join our discord group: or Follow us @dfrobot_official on Instagram to get the chance to win a free Beetle ESP32 - C3.

For more information about this trial, please click on this link: