Give me a group of lighting engineers!

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The inspiration is from the catchword on the microblog, namely "the lighting engineer gets started, the sound engineer regulates the music to be a little sad, and give the microphone to this lady to talk about her story". The lighting engineer has no actual meaning and is mainly for setting off the one complained. Afterwards, it is derived as "Please start your performance!"

In this project, the simulated ambient light sensor (compatible with Arduino) is used to enable the "Chubby Bird" to achieve the interesting "stage effect", such as simulating others to speak and sing under the exposure of mobile phone (flashlight function).

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Assembly + Pin code

Connect the digit pin No.2 to the audio recording and play module, and connect the simulation pin No. 1 to the simulated ambient light sensor. Read the sensor through the serial port and carry out test. Adjust to the appropriate threshold value (just when the luminance of natural light/ houselight and mobile phone flashlight function can be distinguished). 

Thus, the audio recording and play module will be started to play the audio recorded previously when the simulated ambient light sensor receives the strong light exposure of mobile phone flashlight function.

 Audio recording and play module: The audio recording and play functions are integrated. The plate is carried with key and microphone. The audio can be recorded and played directly through pressing the key. Press the key to record the audio and re-press the key to play it. Such function can achieve audio recording and play for 10 seconds. The output interface supports 3W horn connected externally at maximum and can be also connected to the active stereo externally. Simulated ambient light sensor: The sensor is the light sensor based on PT550 environment friendly photosensitive diode and can be used to detect the strength of ambient light.

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