Vision For Blind People

                                                           AIM OF THIS PROJECT

                                                (My project is dedicated to blind people who are not able  to see things.) 

 My project aim is for a very novel cause because this project can bear some light in the life of visually impaired / blind people. Actually I have decided to make a SMART CAP for these blind people through which they can make their life a bit easier. This recognises person /objects through mechanism face recognition and object recognition and creates different -different sound according to the person or object it recognises .This helps blind people to understand any specific person or object by which he/she is encountering through. 

                                                    MATERIAL USE IN THIS PROJECT

 (NOTE: I am mention only main material not mention small material like resistor and transistor ) 
         1. Arduino nano 
          2 .HuskyLens
          3. Vibrating motor
          4. Mini buzzer
          5.  LiPo battery
          6. charging module LiPo battery

                                                              Flow Chart Of My Project 



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