Andrew the Robot

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I would like to introduce you to Andrew. 

Andrew has 10 servos (MG996R).

All vision is being done using the HuskyLens.

Currently Andrew is able to track faces and Colors.

Andrew has a limited speech recognition vocabulary for right now.

If I ask Andrew (" Find Red") Andrew will find the object closest to him that is red and if it is within reaching distance will try to grab it.

If I ask Andrew to ("Find Me") he begins looking around until I am located and the tracks my movement.

I am working on Object detection and tracking currently.

Andrew uses a MEGA 2560 PRO Embed in his head with a small breakout board I made.

The Arduino is only in charge of controlling the 2 servos in the head for Pan and Tilt and sending signals to the LattePanda.

The LattePanda takes care of voice commands and controlling the Arms via the SSC-32u servo controller.


The new face of Andrew and now he is using the HuskyLens.


The LattePanda is now controlling everything.


USB Microphone works great and Andrew responds to spoken commands.


So Andrew has gone through some changes and there are many more to come.

The head you see on Andrew is temporary and will be changed out soon for a Permanente one soon.

Andrew now uses the HuskyLens to do Face Detection, Object Detection and Color Detection.

In the head is the HuskyLens and a Arduino MEGA 2560 PRO Embed.

The HuskyLens Communicates with the Arduino and the Arduino controls the pan and tilt servos for the neck.

In the chest cavity is a LattePanda with a 3.5" HDMI screen.

The Arduino sends information to the LattePanda such as Object ID, X and Y location, Pan and Tilt Degrees and Approx: size of object.

The LattePanda is then able to communicate with the SSC-32U Servo Controller which handles the arms and hands.

The LattePanda also handles voice communication for example you can say “Find the Coffee Cup” or “Find the Color Red” or “Find Me” if any one of these objects are determined to be within range it will then reach out and touch the item. I am still working on the grasping of an item.


This is the backside of the head showing the Arduino and the small breakout board I made for the servos and other sensors.


This is a side view of the chest showing the LattePanda and screen that is installed.


This is the back showing the cooling fan for the LattePanda.


The head has been updated to provide the needed room for the electronics and to give it more character.


Speakers have now been added to the front.

Below image is Before new planetary gear shoulders.


Below image is of the planetary gear shoulders.


Andrew will have articulating fingers with silicone pads for grip. Here is a picture of the fingers.


The shoulder joints are Planetary gearboxes.


The wrist pivots separately from the forearm. 

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