Personal Servant Robot (Chessman)

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Introducing “Chessman” the personal servant robot.

Chessman is trainable through a PC and can store and unlimited amount of paths.

The idea behind this robot is to help those that are elderly, disabled or handicapped.

Chessman is first trained as to where it needs to go and where it needs to return to.

After training Chessman it will repeat the path you trained it on within 2 CM of its original path.

Chessman only has one sensor a Sharp IR distance sensor which is used to detect obstacles within its path.

Lets say Chessman has been trained and is heading to the kitchen to get you a soda and someone walks in front of its path. Chessman will stop and wait until the obstacle has been removed before continuing.

Like I said before the main goal of this is to help people also the other goal was to create an affordable robot.

The entire robot including the filament used was less than $200 USD.

Chessman uses an Arduino Mega with sensor shield, GY-271 Compass, HC-06 Bluetooth, 2x MG996R 360 Degree Servos, Rotary Encoders and two 7.4v 3000 mAH batteries.

Chessman will run for approx. 3 hours before needing a charge.

Very little processing is done on the Arduino, instead it is done on the PC within the software I designed.

The only actual processing being done on the Arduino is the compass.



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