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This is my biped, it stands 9.5" tall and uses the HuskyLens to bring Machine vision/AI to it. It Uses and Arduino Mega and a PCA9685 16 Channel servo controller.

The story of this little guy goes back about 15 years when I first started building bipeds.

Over the years I had built many and during that time have seen many others build them and some get released to the market. Each time I would find one that I thought I might buy I would find out the price and be shocked as to what they were asking for it. This just made me try even harder in building my very own biped that would do what I envisioned. 

I bought a Cosmo and a vector and they were okay but you had to rely on an android device to be connected to it all the time. I saw EMO and it is pretty much the same thing. I wanted something that did not have to be connected to the internet and did not require a constant connection to an android device, something that was free standing to speak and would run commands via by voice. This little guy is the start of all that and will eventually be exactly what I wanted and will not have to worry about someone hacking him or being able to spy on me and will never know what the internet is.

Here is a list of the parts I have used and if I get enough people asking for the STL files I will publish them.


Arduino Mega

Servo Controller


Sharp IR Sensor



Extended Camera Module




3/8/23 Update: After much work on getting the little biped to move around like a person does I have accomplished my goal. Now the head tracks the ball and the legs follow the head. I have designed my own way of multitasking 13 servos so that everything moves much as we do in a very natural way. I will be posting a new video soon and you will see that everything is very fluid in movements. 

I now need to work on the walking movements so that it walks faster. Currently the bot is able to chase his ball around on the floor and kick it. 



Have a great day a I look forward to hearing all your comments.

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