Desktop Buddy (Garri)

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Garri is a desktop bot or as you would call a social robot.

This project is 100% Arduino there is no PC or PI or any other type of processor involved.

Garri uses a library called uspeech to detect phonemes in your speech and then creates a reply.

Actually there are two steps to this process.

1) It detect the volume level and if the volume level is great enough.

2) It then detect phonemes within the speech.

Garri does not assemble sentences on its own so NO I do not consider this and A.I. I think of it more of a state machine or similar to Eliza.

You can have a full conversation with Garri and it will not repeat the same question or answer twice within a conversation.

After a given period of time Garri will go to sleep and tells you.

When you resume the conversation with Garri it will welcome you back as if it has missed your presence.


The following hardware is used in Garri.


1) Arduino Pro Mega

2) Emic2 Text to Speech board

3) Microphone

4) 2-3.7v 3000Mah batteries

5) 128x64 1.3 inch OLED display

6) 22mm 8 ohm speaker

7) DPDT switch

8) 1-SG90 Servo

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