Future Aquaponic System

Aquaponics is the best solution for citizen who want to have a pond and vegetable garden but don't have enough land. so that it runs auto

Future Aquaponic System

Things used in this project
Hardware components

1 Solar Panel, 2.5 W
1 Rechargeable Battery, 12 V
1 DFRobot Solar Power Manager 5V



I took a vacation from my busy life by visiting my family in a village in Lampung. Then I saw how happy they were with their beautiful smiles and serenity in living their life in the midst of a difficult economy after the COVID-19 pandemic.


then I asked some people there about how to live a life in the midst of a bad economy, rising fuel, and high inflation. they answered gratefully that they could live by lowering their sense of prestige and realizing that our real needs have been fulfilled by nature. Therefore we must keep this nature in order to stay healthy. For rice, we get from our fields. then for vegetables, we get from our garden. then for fish, we get from our pond. and for meat, we get from our stables.


Then I thought how people who live in the city can live independently with a concept like those in the village. I searched the internet for a solution and found a very good concept. that is aquaponics.


Aquaponics is a sustainable farming system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. In normal aquaculture, excretions from domesticated animals will accumulate in the water and increase the toxicity of the water if not disposed of. In aquaponics, animal excretions are given to plants to be broken down into nitrates and nitrites through natural processes, and utilized by plants as nutrients. The water then circulates back into the aquaculture system.




then we add the concept of aquaponics with solar cells as a power source to drive the pump and turn on the lights at night.




after I think the concept can be run. then I buy the components that I need in the marketplace then I assemble according to the concept that I have made.


after I finished I tried to plant vegetables such as kale and spinach then for the pond I filled it with catfish. after a month it turned out to be working as I planned.


here are some results from the aquaponics that I made.






The article was first published in hackster, Jul 15, 2022

cr: https://www.hackster.io/Hardi2409/future-aquaponic-system-6a7f84

author: Hardi Kurnianto

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