Smart Home Projects with Raspberry Pi 4B

Are you thinking about setting up a smart home based on Raspberry Pi 4B? This article has a selection of smart home projects on home security, weather stations, home automation, and plant watering.


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Fellow DIYers, start to build your smart home projects today!

Home Security


Project: Raspberry Pi Facial Recognition


Introduction: This project leverages a Raspberry Pi, AWS Rekognition, and the Pi-Timolo software to implement facial recognition capabilities. By integrating a compatible camera with the Raspberry Pi, motion-generated images are analyzed using AWS Rekognition's facial recognition technology. The project's current state involves matching faces and storing results, with potential for future enhancements such as access control or notifications.


Raspberry Pi Facial Recognition

Project: Raspberry Pi Security System With Motion Detection / Camera


Introduction: This project enables the creation of a comprehensive security system using a Raspberry Pi, complete with motion detection and camera functionality. The system includes automatic arming/disarming, motion detection with image capture, and mobile notifications with images, all managed through a Telegram bot for remote control.

Raspberry Pi Security System With Motion Detection / Camera

Project: Pigeon Detection System


Introduction: This project employs a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and an Intel Neural Compute Stick to create an AI-powered solution that identifies pigeons near birdhouses, aiming to prevent disturbances caused by their presence. This project involves custom-trained TensorFlow models for pigeon detection and offers adaptable responses to deter pigeons, demonstrating a practical application of AI in addressing real-world nuisances.


Pigeon Detection System

Project: Raspberry Pi Image Recognition with Alexa Voice


Introduction:  This project integrates a Raspberry Pi computer, Microsoft image recognition, and Amazon Alexa to create an interactive system that captures images, interprets them through Azure Cognitive Services, and communicates the results via Alexa's voice interface. This project allows users to ask SeeTalker what it sees, take group selfies, and offers insights into using AI services, creating Alexa skills, and implementing image recognition within a comprehensive hardware and software setup.

Raspberry Pi Image Recognition with Alexa Voice

Project: Gravity HuskyLens: AI Camera with Raspberry PI 4


Introduction: This project shows how to make a make an AI Camera with Raspberry PI 4, made this experiment using an easy-to-use AI Camera(Gravity HuskyLens). Huskylens is connected to Raspberry Pi 4. It's also mounted on a 9g micro servo. Micro servo is controlled by GPIOzero python library.


Project: Sound Cannon activated by Artificial Intelligence


Introduction: This project tackles disturbances caused by loud and disruptive behaviours within neighbourhoods by using a Raspberry Pi, an outdoor speaker horn, and AI-powered machine learning. This project involves capturing images with a Raspberry Pi camera, using AI models to detect actions such as fights, and triggering a loud sound playback through a speaker to disperse crowds and maintain peace.




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Plant Watering 


Project: Raspberry Pi Automated Plant Watering with Website


Introduction: This project enables you to create a smart plant watering system using a Raspberry Pi. It involves setting up a soil moisture sensor, a submersible pump, and a web interface to automatically water plants based on their moisture levels, while also providing control via a web dashboard.


Raspberry Pi Automated Plant Watering with Website


Project: Remotely controlled plant watering


Introduction: This project employs a VPN-enabled Raspberry Pi to control a water pump, gather plant condition data through moisture sensors and a Pi camera, with potential for advanced automation and machine learning-based enhancements.

Project: The hydroMazing Smart Garden System


Introduction: This project shows a comprehensive solution for managing your indoor plants' growth environment with data-driven decisions. This project combines a Raspberry Pi and Arduino Nano components to automate and optimize conditions, ensuring successful plant cultivation.



Project: In-Sink Garbage Composter


Introduction: This project introduces an AI-enhanced waste management system that combines an in-sink garbage disposer with a composter. This smart system optimizes composting by controlling factors like moisture and temperature, and even employs computer vision to detect compostable materials. It offers a convenient way to transform household food waste into valuable compost for gardening, addressing the issue of food waste.


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Project: Raspberry Pi Wireless Home Automation With Azure DB Support


Introduction: This project enables remote control of home appliances using a Raspberry Pi and wireless communication via nRF24L01+ modules. With features like relay-based and triac-based control, as well as integration with Azure Cloud Database for sensor readings and appliance control, the project offers a comprehensive home automation solution.


Raspberry Pi Wireless Home Automation With Azure DB Support


Project: Home Assistance on Raspberry Pi


Introduction: This project will guide you to create a private and locally controlled smart home setup using the Home Assistant software on a Raspberry Pi 4. This open-source solution allows you to manage and automate your IoT devices without relying on cloud services, ensuring your data privacy.

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Smart Mirror


Project: Smart Mirror Touchscreen (with Face ID) using Raspberry Pi 4 | Full Tutorial


Introduction: This video is a tutorial on how to build a touch screen smart mirror with face detection which can control home appliances. The smart mirror also integrates with Alexa. If you want more content like this… hit the subscribe button! Introducing Smart Mirror AI (SMAI). An IoT focused smart mirror connecting your favorite devices. Alexa to your Smart Built with a Raspberry Pi 4, using the latest Operating System, Raspbian Buster (2020)


Project: DIY Smart Mirror - Full Tutorial


Introduction: This video is a tutorial on how to build a DIY smart mirror using a raspberry pi, a two way mirror, led tv screen, and Magic Mirror.


Project: How to make a DIY Smart Mirror


Introduction: Learn to build a DIY Smart Mirror! This is an incredibly fun DIY project that combines technology and hands-on building. Using a two-way mirror in a frame, a display is placed behind the mirror and then driven by a small computer, typically a Raspberry Pi. You can then use FREE software to display all kinds of fun and helpful tidbits like the time, the date, your calendar, music, videos, etc.

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