[Contest Requirements] UNIHIKER AIoT Innovation Challenge——Redefining AIoT Possibilities

Project Requirements:

To be eligible, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:



General Requirements

- Your project is free from inappropriate content.

- Your project should be first published in our DFRobot Community.

- Your project is an original work and you have full and independent intellectual property rights to the work and the right to use it for this program.



Hardware/Software Build Requirements

- Your project must include UNIHIKER, showcasing its critical role and functionality in the project.



Content Requirements

The following types of content will not be considered eligible item content:

- Unboxing content.

- Content involves a lot of descriptions of the product, its performance, etc.

- Content involves a lot of descriptions that are not related to the product or this project.


The following types of content will be considered eligible:

- You should post your project in our DF community in Text-Pic format, and including a video would be even better.

- Your project should have a complete structure, and the body of the article should be at least 500 words, including a project name, images, a bill of materials (BOM), full instructions, and relevant resources (schematics, code, CAD).

- Your project should be written in English.




Q1: Do I need to pay for the trial application?

A1: We will cover the product and shipping fee. However some countries and regions may may impose customs duties, so you will be required to cooperate with customs clearance procedures and retain your customs payment documentation. After you have finished your project, please send an email with your project link to yilin.yang@dfrobot.com. After we confirm that your content meets the requirements of this contest, we will process the refund of your customs duties within two weeks.


Q2: How will I know the application result?

A2: We will announce the applications for hardware results on July 22th, 2024 and final winners on October 28th, 2024. Winners will be contacted by email, so please make sure your email stays open!


Q3: Can I submit a repeat application?

A3: Please note that you only have one opportunity to submit your application. If you make multiple applications, the information from the first application will be used.


Q4: Can I use the products you offer for other purposes?

A4: The products we offer to you are intended for use in the production of projects only. Profit-making activities such as the secondary sale of this product are not permitted.


Q5: What to do if I can't submit my project within the contest time limit?

A5: If you have applied for our free hardware but are unable to submit your project within the contest time limit, please contact yilin.yang@dfrobot.com to inform of your situation. Kindly note that failing to submit your project without a valid explanation within the contest time limit may impact your eligibility for future participation in DFRobot's Free Trial program.


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