UNIHIKER AIoT Innovation Challenge——Redefining AIoT Possibilities
Contest Period
06.20 2024
2024 10.15

UNIHIKER AIoT Innovation Challenge——Redefining AIoT Possibilities


Explore the UNIHIKER AIoT Innovation Challenge in 2024

UNIHIKER, an IoT Python Single Board Computer, has provided users with a more convenient and adaptable SBC option in the AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) domain since its launch in 2023. Equipped with multiple sensors, a built-in touchscreen, and robust connectivity options, UNIHIKER empowers innovators across AI, IoT, and machine learning domains.

In our ongoing commitment to promoting innovation and advancing technology, we proudly introduce the UNIHIKER AIoT Innovation Challenge in 2024. Join this exciting contest to unleash your creativity, showcase projects leveraging UNIHIKER's advanced capabilities, and explore its limitless potential in shaping the future of AIoT applications.




What Are the Contest Main Focus Areas?

There are 3 specific categories in this contest, and you are free to choose to concentrate on topics of one category that are specified in this contest.


Category 1 - Portable Device: 

This category encourages you to utilize the features of UNIHIKER, including the integrated LCD screen, various sensors, expansion interfaces, and the Pinpong library, to design a portable device. The goal is to achieve convenient data collection and analysis capabilities across different scenarios, whether indoors or outdoors.


Category 2 - Smart Terminal: 

This category encourages you to utilize the networking capabilities and expandability of the sensor interfaces of UNIHIKER to achieve real-time data collection, transmission, and remote control functionalities. Additionally, you are encouraged to connect and communicate the UNIHIKER with IoT cloud platforms or other smart devices. The goal is to design projects applicable to areas such as home automation, office automation and healthcare.


Category 3 - AI Gadget: 

This category encourages you to utilize the built-in Linux operating system of UNIHIKER to integrate artificial intelligence into devices. Participants can explore various technological solutions, such as cloud-based web API interfaces or local AI, including image recognition, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis. The goal is to apply AI technology to enable intelligent functionality in the project.


Here are some cases in each category for your reference:




What can we provide?




Free Hardware Application Is Now Open

We encourage all creators with great project ideas to participate in this contest and would love to support every innovative dream to come true. If you don't have a UNIHIKER now, click here to apply. We will carefully review all the information you fill out, so please be sure to fill it out carefully.

APPLY NOW: https://jinshuju.net/f/ZPpvRK



What is expected from you?

- All participants, please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/7wgPHHu7nN. If you have any product or technical questions, or if you need our assistance to optimize your project ideas, we will be available to help you in the contest channel.

- After you've completed your project, please showcase it in Text-Pic format in our DF Community and add the ICON of your selected category in the article as a marker (as shown in the example below) to be considered valid.



ICON for Portable Device Category


ICON for Smart Terminal Category


ICON for AI Gadget Category



The Event Timeline:




Please note:

- After winners are announced on this contest page, our team will contact them via email to collect shipment info and dispatch products.

- For any questions about this contest, please contact Aurora at yilin.yang@dfrobot.com for further information.

- For any technical questions, please join our Discord server and contact the moderator.

- For more information about this contest, please click the following link: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-314368.html