Contest Period
12.21 2021
2022 01.21


The ESP32 IoT microcontroller-based applications and projects are getting wild recently. More and more people are starting to use this cheap but “almost-universal-compatible&hack-able” microcontroller in their mind-blowing projects and experiments. 


If you plan to get your feet on this “DIY YouTuber’s Favourite” ESP32 Micro-controller, now is the best time! Introducing ESP32 INITIATION PROGRAM.


Updates (2022.1.20)

This event will end in about 12hours, so here is the last chance to get enrolled in the ESP32 INITIATION PROGRAM.

The final shortlist of successful applicants will disclose tomorrow.


updates(2022.1.21)Current  Shortlist:




Nerf Laser Gun


Ariane Vernon


Brett Pound


Hazel Mitchell


Stephan Strittmatter


Alberto Alvarellos González



Updating… Notification E-mails will be sent our soon.


Official Trailer: 


Advanced ESP32-Based event is on the way.