Gesture Based Touchless Elevator Control to Prevent Covid Spread.

1 ESP32
6 Servo Motor

I am making a Gesture Based Touch less Elevator control to access the Elevator Cabin. For example if a person wants to access the Elevator insted of pressing the button  they just needs to wave at the the button and that's it , similarly to select the floor no they have to wave at selector sensor to give the input. The whole system  can we retrofitted into any elevator system as the final input is given via the servomor retrofitted ontop of the existing switches. I am also planning to control the elevator with mobile phones and to control this we have to use the IFTTT service to give command to the elevator System. Where i'll make an app with Flutter and connect it to ESP32 board via Webhooks of IFTTT.

Also the user can any time override the operations and touch the elevator buttons manually!


Retrofitting of Servo Motor on top of existing Elevator Button!

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