Dry Martini WiFi operated neon sign


The allure and aesthetics of Neon Signs are indisputable but if you ever research the subject, real Neon signs are expensive and complicated to make. You have to heat glass tubes filled with color gases and apply thousands of volts. Fortunately there are now continuous led strips that could do the job really well. This project shows a simple method to make your own Neon like signs with a 3d printed frame, no acrylic and glue involved. And, better than that, you can operate the neon sign from your smartphone or browser. 


Parts required


ESP32 DFRobot Firebeetle

1 channel relay module

20 inches continuous led strip soft white 

12v DC power supply

DC female connector

3d printed base

Jumper cables




Cut led strip over the marked line. There you will find the power connectors. Solder 1 cable for GND and 1 cable for 12V+, Solder 12V+ to DC female connector. Connect GND cable to Relay. Then Relay to GND DC female.

Connect Relay module to Firebeetle> GND to GND, + to VCC and Signal to D3.

Source code and 3d printed frame


If you want to download source code, 3d printed frame and read instructions please go to this link


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