Gamify The Real Mobile Tank - Augmented Reality Update

 In this demo, we are introducing a real hurdle in front of the real mobile tank using Augmented Reality. And as soon as the hurdle will come up in front of real tank, the same hurdle would come up in front of the tank in the game. Interesting? Isn’t it? The framework that has been added in the demo to make it possible is Apple ARKit. It is the Image Recognition API of ARKit that is making this possible. An iPhone 7 has been mounted on Real Mobile Tank, to work as eye of the tank. How? Let us understand this in more detail. An ARKit app is running on iPhone 7 that is using the iPhone’s camera to identify an image. As soon as the app identifies the image, it sends the message of hurdle detection to the Unity game, running on laptop (remember the Unity game in previous video) through wifi network. And the similar hurdle is made in Unity game.

 List of Components - Apple iPhone:  ​

 Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor): ​ Raspberry PI:  ​

 L298n Motor Driver: 

 Croma Powerbank: 

 Battery Holder: Batteries: 

 Jumper Wires: ​ 

Download Tank Game: ​ 


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