Portable RGB Lighting for Photography/Selfie

Bounty Maker Hunting List - Project #1 - Portable RGB Lighting for Photography/Selfie




Problem statement:

“A good lighting set is more important than an expensive SLR camera to make me, a streamer, look great! 
Is there any Bounty Makers who can make me an amazing lighting set for taking selfies and streaming, which can make me look good in front of the camera? It better have some automic color-changing function! Use it to take your own selfie or photography first please, I want to see the effect! Thank you!”


 To hunt the above project, we had made a “portable battery-powered Neopixel lighting set” that can be used taking selfies or photography. Our ultimate aim is to make it highly portable and cost-effective. The project is really simple and let's dive into the tutorial.  


Hardware Components


1. Arduino UNO x 1


2. WS2812B RGB Ring Lamp x 1



3. 9V Battery x 1

4. Push Button x 1

5. DOT Board


Software  Components


1. Arduino IDE

2. Adafruit Neopixel Library - https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_NeoPixel



→ We need to connect the Neopixel WS2812B and the push button to the Arduino UNO. The Pushbutton connected to D6 of the Arduino. 


→ We can power this project with a 9V battery as well as a micro-USB cable. Here, I'll be using the micro-USB cable to upload the sketch and then power the circuit using the 9V battery. simply connect the +ve to the VIN of the Arduino and -ve to GND. 



→ Connection to the Neopixel WS2812B LED ring is done by the following:


Arduino→ Neopixel WS2812B

Vcc → 5V


Digital Pin 7 → DI




Installing Neopixel Library

We can install Adafruit's Neopixel library from the Library Manager. Select the latest version and Click Install.


Now open the example project and run it. Change the NUMPIXEL to the desired value based on the LED ring purchased. Here I've used a 16-pixel Neopixel LED ring. 



Configuring the Button:


The Pushbutton is connected between D7 and the ground. You can use it as a button. 

Set pinMode(7, INPUT_PULLUP) and you will read D7 LOW if the button is pressed.


Whenever the button is press, each Neopixel color is configured as per the following modes. 


1. Color changes to Red, Blue, Green, respectively. 

2. Color chases to White, Red, Blue respectively. 

3. Rainbow (VIBYOR)


You can find the code on my GitHub repository. 

Link to the Project repo: https://github.com/Rahul24-06/Portable-RGB-Lighting-for-Photography-Selfie


To upload the code, choose Arduino UNO, and the Upload Speed to 115200.


Before Lighting & After Lighting Pictures


Voila! We finally did this project successfully. This makes me a Bounty maker🌟


If you faced any issues in building this project, feel free to ask me. Please do suggest new projects that you want me to do next. 

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