Discover AI Voice Recognition Projects and Tutorials

Voice recognition and synthesis are two of the exciting applications of artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, we will introduce you to some of the amazing projects that use AI voice technologies to achieve various goals, such as entertainment, education, automation, and safety. You will learn how to use Azure speech services, Arduino, PSoC 6, and other tools to build your own voice-controlled devices and applications. Let's get started!

Project 1. How does UNIHIKER use Azure speech recognition and speech synthesis

Introduction: UNIHIKER single-board computer is capable of interfacing with various sensors and actuators. It utilizes Azure's speech recognition and synthesis capabilities, transforming it into an intelligent conversational assistant.

This tutorial guides users through the process of setting up Azure services on UNIHIKER, from account login to resource creation and parameter setting.

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Project 2. Halloween trick or treat automata with Voice Recognition module

Introduction: This project employs a voice recognition module, a dfplayer mini, and a servo motor to create a trick or treat automata for Halloween. The Gravity Voice Recognition module by DFRobot, which works offline and can learn new commands, is used to add voice recognition to the project. When activated, the device listens for the 'trick or treat' voice command, then asks questions and waits for responses, with music and servo movements adding to the dramatic effect.

The tutorial includes instructions for setting up the hardware, teaching commands to the module, and downloading the source code.

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Project 3. Cool Timer with Voice synthesizer

Introduction: This tutorial guides users through the creation of a voice-synthesized timer designed for hands-free operation, ideal for tasks such as cooking. The device, which uses a DFRobot Gravity DFR0760 module for voice synthesis, is controlled by a single push button. Each press adds a minute to the timer and audibly announces the total time set. A long press resets the counter, while a double click starts the countdown, with the remaining time announced each minute.

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Project 4. PSoC™ 6: Voice Controlled Stove with Edge AI

Introduction: Edge AI Smart Stove is a voice-controlled stove with an interactive voice feedback UI, similar to Alexa, but without the need for internet connectivity. The stove can be ignited, adjusted, and powered off through voice commands, and even has a built-in cooking timer. The project utilizes the PSoC™ 6 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit and the IoT sense expansion kit for voice recognition, and a Voice Playback Module for audio feedback.

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Project 5. Smart Waiter - Intelligent Voice Assistant in Restaurant

Introduction: Smart Waiter is an intelligent voice assistant designed for use in restaurants. It utilizes the DFRobot Offline Language Learning Voice Recognition Sensor to take food orders via voice commands. The system aims to improve customer service by reducing wait times and allowing for easy addition of items to orders. The tutorial includes a list of required hardware and software, and provides a detailed explanation of the technology behind voice recognition.

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Project 6. How to Make a Google Assistant Control Car with an Integration of AI and IoT

Introduction: Google Assistant Control Car Using Node MCU is a project that combines AI and IoT to create a voice-automated car. The car can be controlled using AI voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa, and is built using components like the ESP8266, NodeMcu, and a DFRobot Offline Language Learning Voice Recognition Sensor. The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the car, set up the necessary software, and integrate it with Adafruit Io and IFTTT for voice control.

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