How to get your project FEATURED in DF Community

Criteria for Selection of FEATURED PROJECT post

The basic criteria for selection of Essence Posts include, but are not limited to, the following:

- The published article must be your original work. Reposting or plagiarizing other people's articles without permission is not allowed.

- The article has a clear structure, complete and logical ideas; the overall expression is fluent, accompanied by clear pictures, videos, code and other content, with a certain reference or discussion value;

- Obvious technical advantages, key technological breakthroughs, outstanding creativity;


*Administrators will consider the post at their discretion according to the actual situation of the post.

For specific community post editing guidelines, please check:



Cite the source of the quote

- If there is any use of external content in the article, be sure to indicate the source in the last part of the quote;

- If the article is carried from an external site, be sure to add the original link, author, and date of publication of the original article at the end of the article.


So how to write an FEATURED PROJECT?

1. Article structure



2. Text and Layout

- There are many topics and platforms on our community homepage, your article content needs to be related to these topics and platforms, and select your key topics and platforms when publishing your article.




- Please use the three different font sizes and bold functions in our editor to distinguish between different levels of text. For step-by-step text you can add numbers or symbols as a differentiator, which can appear clearer typographically.




3. Picture and layout

- You should arrange your pictures to the same position (left, centre or right) to make it more visually appealing;


- The editor also supports GIF uploading, so you can use GIFs for some operations to make the content more intuitive;



- For pictures that need to be briefly explained, add explanatory text at the bottom to make readers understand better.



4. Other layout

- For the hardware required for the project, you can use the hardware function;



- For the code involved in the project, you can use the code function;



- If the project has been published on youtube, you can use the video function to import the video;



- If you are willing to share the relevant attachments involved in the project, you can use the file function to upload your attachments according to the format and size requirements.



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