2022 DFRobot Community Editor's Choice

We have collated the whole year's worth of great sharing from the community and selected ten high-quality projects. Thanks, to everyone who has been participated in 2022.



1. AI-driven IoT 3D Printer Motion & Status Tracker w/ Telegram


Author: TheAmplituhedron




This a device to track the printer's lateral and vertical motions while printing so as to get informed of potential malfunctions related to the printer movements.


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312441.html


Build your own one: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1989.html



2. LATTEintosh DIY Mini PC


Author: ArnovSharma1

This is a project shows how to make a mini pc based around Latte Panda 3 delta entirely from scratch. It's called LATTEintosh, inspired by a Macintosh 128k desktop PC from the 80s.


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312820.html


Build your own one: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-2594.html




3. Automated Driveway Gates Version 2


Author: KGray

This is a tutorial for making DIY automated driveway gates for relatively cheap using Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, and Blynk.


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312893.html


Build your own one:






4. ML Knob Eye


Author: RoniBandini

This project shows how to train an artificial eye with Machine Learning to monitor analog knobs positions in audio consoles.


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312896.html


Build your own one: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-2351.html


5. DIY Precise Arduino Anemometer with Linear Led Scale - DFRobot


Author: mircemk

This tutorial explains in detail how to DIY a precise Arduino anemometer with linear led scale.


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312266.html


Build your own one:





6. Sci-Fi 3D Printed Mask With Transparent Display


Author: Mukesh Sankhla

This Mask is a 3D Printed Winter Soldier mask from Capital America Civil War, the aim of this project is to make others see the animating eyes, even the image is visible on both side.


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312543.html


Build your own one:




7. A Dancing Robot That Listens to Music and Moves to the Notes


Author: donutsorelse



The project idea is that the robot listens to the different frequencies of whatever song is played and moves based on whatever notes it hears, so it'll dance differently for any given song.


Learn more:https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312965.html


Build your own one:




8. Smart MIDI Master Clock (UberClock project)


Author: ErikOostveen

This tutorial shows how to make an UberClock, a smart MIDI master clock designed for synth jam sessions (up to 6 people).


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312965.html


Build your own one:





9. Gamify The Robotics[Husky Lens] World


Author: Delhi Technology Club


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312238.html


Build your own one:






10. BP Classification & Announcing Results Over Voice Using Pi3


Author: CETech


This tutorial shows how to make a capable of Classification Of Blood Pressure, Spo2, Body Temperature Monitoring, and announcing sensor Results Over The Voice Using Raspberry Pi. 


Learn more: https://community.dfrobot.com/makelog-312977.html


All winners will receive a $50 DFRobot Store no-threshold coupon and a free shipping coupon, which will be issued directly to your store account.


There will be more events for the community to see in 2023 and we hope you will share your projects and give us your valuable feedback!

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