IoT Wireless Infrared Kitchen (Cooking) Thermometer

1 Arduino Nano R3
1 NodeMCU V3 LoLin ESP8266
1 DFRobot TS01 Non-contact IR Temperature Sensor
1 5mm Common Anode RGB LED
1 Button (6x6)
3 220Ω Resistor
1 DC Female Power Jack Connector
1 External Battery
2 Mini Breadboard
1 Jumper wires

I am fond of cooking and trying different recipes to expand my knowledge about foods. And, as an electronics enthusiast, I enjoy tinkering with gadgets to get more precise measurements while cooking. In that way, I ensure delicious and consistent outcomes with little effort. To measure the internal temperature of foods (roasts, steaks, etc.), I utilize a meat thermometer while cooking. Although meat thermometers can easily monitor the internal temperature to avoid overcooking and serving dried-out food, they lack the ability to measure the surface temperature. Thus, I decided to develop a wireless infrared kitchen thermometer from scratch.


An infrared kitchen thermometer can be employed to verify:


food and beverage temperatures,


the oven temperature,


refrigerator and freezer temperatures,


boiling and cooled milk temperatures while making yogurt,


hot oil temperature while deep frying.


I decided to use the Tuya IoT Platform in this project because it allowed me to develop a mobile application interface compatible with various operating systems (Android and iOS). In the following steps, I will explain how I benefited from the Tuya IoT Platform to improve this project in detail.


To get accurate temperature measurements, I utilized a DFRobot TS01 IR temperature sensor. This sensor can measure the surface temperature from -70°C to 380°C while providing a maximum accuracy of 0.5°C.


Finally, I added a 5mm common anode RGB LED to show the connection status between the infrared thermometer and the Tuya Cloud.


On the thermometer's mobile application interface supported by the Tuya Cloud, the user can monitor two different data points regarding the surface temperature:


Cook_Temperature - Unit: °C


Cook_Temperature_F - Unit: °F


Click here to inspect code files and instructions. 

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